A 99 cent store is a shop wherein all items, as the name suggests, are worth 99 cents or below. It is a popular concept anywhere in the world, selling random items which can range from food, RTWs, kitchen supplies, kids toys, and other everyday items.

It might sound a bit sketchy as we have been always introduced to the idea that quality items come at a price. If I was a shopper and I saw a store that sells goods below $1, my suspicion will definitely skyrocket. But believe it or not, a lot of the items sold in these kinds of shops are at par or of minimal difference to the branded ones.

Why are the items so cheap?

The prices sound good to be true, does it? Items at these shops are most of the time, obtained by buying in bulks. Some of these items are still branded but are, what is called in the retail industry, as “overruns” or merchandise that are sold from closeouts.

99 cent store owners buy these items at deeply discounted prices and are most often accompanied by wholesale markdown. With 99 cents store, you have the guarantee that most, if not all of their items are brand new.

Are the items sold in a 99 cent store safe to use?

Generally, yes. Most of the items in a 99 cent store are safe to use as they have been monitored for quality and these shops would not want to get sued for selling materials that pose a threat to their consumers.

However, if you are in doubt about the quality of the item especially if it is utilized for human consumption such as food and kitchen utensils, it is best to scrutinize the item more carefully before buying it.

The savings that you will have in buying the item may not be commensurate with the risk that it poses to you and your family’s health.

Where can I find 99 cent stores?

As stated, 99 cent stores are common throughout the world. They can have their booths inside malls or they can have a standalone store that is mostly accessible to consumers.

The most popular 99 cent stores include Daiso which originated in Japan, the Dollar Tree, 99 Cents Only, The Dollar General, The Liberty Dollar Store, and many others.

What are the items that I can buy inside a 99 cent store?

Basically anything! You will be surprised with the variety that these shops offer. Household cleaning products, kitchenware, garden tools, pregnancy kits, beauty accessories, party supplies, name it and they have it!

Some larger 99 cent stores even sell perishable foods and fresh produce.

While these items are very enticing, always keep your safety in mind. Again, if the item is questionable, ask yourself it the money you save is actually worth to jeopardize your well-being.

After all, hospital bills are way more expensive than branded, well-trusted items. But this should not also discourage you from patronizing the same. You will see a lot of good buys that it is literally worth the buck! Click here to get started.