99 cent stores are sprouting everywhere. As these shops lure consumers for their rocket bottom prices, there are some things that these shoppers should look out for before they decide to buy. Here are some of them:

1. Check the label

It is important that before buying a certain item, the consumer should check the label. Some of the goods sold here are actually branded overruns so if you will be able to score one for less than a dollar, then it will be a good buy!

The labels will also help you determine whether these items are safe to use and to consume. Be sure to check the expiry dates especially for those items that are perishable and is for human consumption!

2. Know the material used

In addition to checking the label, in order to ensure safety, know the material used for that certain items. Some raw materials are harmful to you and your family’s well-being.

For example, a baby toy made in plastic is not advisable because oftentimes, infants place their toys inside their mouths. Another example is those items that are breakable.

These items should be considered fragile and should be handled with care. Maybe before you reach your home, these items are already in pieces.

3. Check if the seal is broken

The integrity of the packing of the item is important to consider. If you see that what you want to buy has been opened, it is not advisable to spend money for it.

Not only should you question whether its defective or not, you should also think of whether it is still safe to consume. A lot of these items with which seals are broken have been exposed to harmful contaminants and may affect your health.

4. Test the item before buying

If the store allows it, it is always good if you test first an item if it is functional or not. Some of these items come cheap because they are defective which is why it is essential that you see first hand that it is indeed working.

You would not want to reach home excited with your purchase but gets disappointed after finding out that you have wasted a dollar for an item that does not work.

5. Compare the prices to other retail stores.

While you generally think that you are saving money when buying from a 99 cent store, some of the goods sold here are actually cheaper if you buy it from other retail stores that are not selling 99 cent items. Use our locator to find a store near you now.

In order to avoid getting deceived by the discounted prices that these stores offer, you can check the recommended retail price of these items over the internet.

Undeniably, there are several items in a 99 cent store that you can consider as good buys! However, it would not hurt if you still be careful before buying these stuff.

A dollar may not sound much but always remember that regardless of the value, it is still money that you worked hard for.