99 cent stores promise great discounts for the same items you can buy at expensive malls and department stores. While there are tons of good buys, there are also some items that you should not waste your hard-earned money on.

To help you avoid making this mistake, we have scoured some of the most popular 99 cent stores to warn you about things that you should not buy from them.

1. Infant toys

Most of the toys sold for less than a dollar have generally cheaper qualities compared to those that you can buy elsewhere. Moreover, some of these items may not meet safety standards and the materials used may be harmful to your children. You would not want your infant to put in harmful chemicals inside his mouth.

2. Batteries

The life expectancy of a battery that is being sold in a 99 cent store is most of the time shorter compared to branded ones you can buy from a hardware. If you come to think of it, you save more by buying a longer-lasting battery compared to one that easily dies down.

3. Hardware tools

If you intend to use a hardware tool for a long time, it is more advisable to buy from a trusted hardware store. These items usually break easily and may injure someone using it.

4. Food containers

The quality of these food containers may be poor and the materials used such as plastic may be harmful to the household who consumes it. Unless you are planning to use these items for storing non-food items, it is not advisable to buy one from a 99 cent store.

5. Pet food

Your furry friends are like human beings when it comes to food. You need to feed them with food that you are sure of. 99 cent pet food’s quality standards are questionable.

6. Medicines

Buying medicines from an established pharmacy or drugstore can be very expensive. However, buying a cheap one from a 99 cent store may pose more risks than health benefits. You will never know what ingredients are being used in that medicine and the expiry label may be deceiving. Health is wealth so better invest in it!

7. Electronics

Most of the electronics in the 99 cent stores such as cellphone chargers, HDMI cords, and extension wires are of lower quality compared to ones you can buy from an electronic retail store. Buying these will pose a huge threat and may cause fires and injury to its users.

8. Skin products

Our skins are very sensitive especially when you use products that contain harmful chemicals. A lot of the cosmetics in the 99 cent stores have not passed quality tests and should not be applied to your face or any part of your body. Should you wish to buy from these stores, look for overruns from trusted brands such as Maybelline and Wet n Lips.

Buying these items may be luring for most of us especially if we can save from it but always remember that the threats these products pose may be more costly than the money you saved from buying them. When in doubt, never buy! You can go to our homepage to search for a nearby 99 cent store.