A 99 cent store offers a wide variety of items to choose from. They can be basically anything that you need, you want, or just something to have for fun.

You might also be surprised that some of the stuff sold here are items that you never thought existed! Trust us, it would take more than a day to browse through the products of a 99 cent store so we have rounded up some of our favorite items that you can buy for less than a dollar.

1. Best-selling books.

You might not have expected it but some 99 cent stores sell books written by best-selling authors such as Nicholas Sparks that are priced below one dollar.

Why spend for more than $8 at your local bookstore if you can buy it a deeply discounted price here?

2. Spices

Instead of going to your local grocery stores, a lot of the 99 cent store sells spices for your daily cooking needs or even just for your collection. These shops also give assurance that these spices are safe to consume and are guaranteed fresh!

3. Cosmetics

Yes, ladies! You read it right. These 99 cent stores sell cosmetics that generally expensive when bought from a mall. Trusted brands such as Maybelline, Wet n Wild, and Soft lips flood your local 99 cent stores. Why spend so much on looking good if you can buy it here for less than a dollar?

4. Pregnancy Tests

Regularly priced at around $8-$10, pregnancy tests are available at most of the 99 cent stores. Most women buy several pregnancy tests to avoid false positive results. At your local 99 cent store, you can buy all the pregnancy tests that you need!

5. Products “As Seen On TV”

If an item has the “As Seen On TV” logo on its label, you will be enticed to buy it. Mostly priced for more than $10, some of the items here you can buy for less than a buck. You do not have to spend a lot of money for that TV product you have been wanting to have!

6. Greeting Cards

Why spend for 5 dollars on greeting cards when you can buy it for less than a dollar? While these cards are comparably simpler to those sold at bookstores, your heartfelt message will definitely make up for it.

7. Party supplies

Having a party but you do not want to spend a lot of decorations? Head on to your nearest 99 cent store! They offer party supplies that are up to 5x cheaper compared to the stuff you can buy elsewhere.

8. Christmas Decors

Christmas can be a very expensive holiday. Well, the decorations are less of your worries as these 99 cent stores have Christmas decors that are cheaper.

Why spend a lot of money for items that you only use once a year? They also have decors for other seasons such as Halloween, valentines, and St. Patrick’s Day.

There you have it! These are just some of the items that we consider as good buys when shopping at a 99 cent store near you. The best question to always ask is: Why should I spend more when you can buy it for less than a dollar?